Playing The Long Game

I opened my little corner of the internet sales universe about two years ago. My Teacher Pays Teachers account was up and running with a title and a picture of me in a crown holding a plastic wand, long story but the image suits me from time.

Yesterday, I opened it, with one piece of merchandise, which is a come back soon/we are under construction type of introduction page. Not quite merchandise just practice to the technical side of the business. After spending the weekend watching how to videos I created a button and a page with great elation, I shared them and got down to the business of business. While dreams of vacation lands far, far away based on my earnings do not enter into my current mindset. A little extra income never hurt and who knows they may run a super sale on Paris get-a-ways…a girl can dream.

Now with all my video watching my excitement built so I took steps to create this into the long game instead of instant burnout. I started with a calendar and marked off days of the week to work after my normal day along with an agenda. It is very much like blog writing. Set aside time, be into the moment, and have a task at hand. Some creators just advertise through the site and others take it to social media based on comfort. I am doing it all blog, facebook, new tpt insta, and twitter…no podcast yet but only on Tuesday evenings as Thursday night is for Outschool! My baby steps are mine as is the project of love, extension of creative juices, and a stepping off into a land that is foreign (graphics) but comfortable, in the creation content and online classes.

This week I will be finalizing my logo, creating my logo button, aligning my banner to my store theme (writing) and finally upload two new products that kids can use directly in the classroom as cheatsheets to create the perfect paragraph…From their my real lessons will grow. My goal is fifty products by the end of the summer and begin video introductions for teachers added information. Podcasts will live on the back, back burner!

Follow my Teachers Pay Teachers and Outschool teaching experience. Note. I am a newbie!


Published by Tracy Livingston M.Ed.

A menopausal teacher. Enough said. Welcome to my world!

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