Do They Stay or Go?

The question everyone has but dares to say aloud, for fear we are left in a building of kids without the needed adults, “How Many Come Back?” It crosses my mind. Often. If they stay, are they happy and effective. Probably not. I am happy, effective but rather broke. I make nothing. It is time to look towards my golden years and start packing stuff away more than just our ASRS. I know I am behind in this game. I have friends who have dual incomes, that drive Ubers, Lyfts, grocery shop for others, sell stuff etc. I refuse to drive anyone around holding a masters degree and a true love for my profession. I love my job. I need more. I bet you do to if you teach. What do you do? Leave me ideas. G rated. My only marketable skills, aside from obvious intelligence gone to the dogs, is cutting meat and tying shoes. Not much calling for this. I begged. I can also sell an Eskimo an Igloo…why, because I can sell studying to a group of kids who have figured out the system of the don’t do but pass concept that has ruined our kids. Love report card time!

So aside from putting out for tutoring, perhaps a MLM opportunity, and a bit of begging for unknown opportunities. I can dog walk and pick up poop. I am back to my roots and educational blog.

These will be light stories on what works, does not work, and how we make a difference in the classroom as our system crumbles around us. Please follow.

Published by Tracy Livingston M.Ed.

A teacher who follows my students to greater educational moments and my own continued learning. I have sampled many of the varieties of teaching venues. Private Montessori, public, homeschooling, and back to public with a few awkward dances in the political sector. This blog began as The Relatively Sane Adventures of a Teacher and has morphed into Following The Child, as I have followed, listened, and learned from each and every student in over 20 years.

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