My Face is Melting

The advantages to starting school on the first week of August in Arizona are non-existent. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It is hot, humid, and we drip in sweat as most of air conditioning in our building is a tad on the older side.

So I melt. I am assigned to a pony and little to no makeup with a cute dress, preferably with pockets, and practical shoes. It’s a messy look. But I can spot an August teacher out in the wild in seconds. We all look the same as we toss real fashion out the window to survive the mileage we walk combined with our consistent state of heat. August stinks. Literally.

So, the pre-fall attire is best found in the cheapest stores. I consider it more disposable fashion. Now, a few of my pieces I love and are keepers, due to style, price, and quality. But bring on Old Navy or Target if a piece is cool enough to get me through this period of time and not repeating the same dress over and over.

So bring on October. Bring on pieces that won’t target me as a teacher the moment I step outside of the classroom. Bring on the ability to wear makeup that won’t drip down my face and finally, the release of the pony.


Published by Tracy Livingston M.Ed.

A menopausal teacher. Enough said. Welcome to my world!

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