The Outschool Life

Wow! What a great experience I just had on this platform. Outschool should be described as a public-school teachers dream. My student was polite, he tried, and he wanted homework. I truly do no remember having so much fun teaching something I do every single day. As soon as the class ended, I started creating a second and a third class. By no means will I become rich, but if I can teach just one extra child and day and make a true difference out of the public-school craziness. I will take it. It feels great to find a niche that I can truly do from home, get to create without being questioned, and yes, truly teaching. What a feeling. Now, I know I make a difference every day, in my classroom. The growth is amazing. However, this was creative and brought me back to years ago when we could create without the show of data points to prove our teaching. While this is my everyday life, and I love my school and students, and do learn from the data, I do. This experience gave me so much more. It is the secret sauce that I need to keep me sharply focused on the next five or six years before I make Outschool not part-time, but full-time and on a daily basis sneak in the good stuff along with all the data mandates. I might just end up being the very best of myself, and that would be a great thing.

Come and try a class. I specialize in taking away tears from writing and reading. As for writing, I use the Jane Schaffer format with a few of my own twists and turns that have taken a fabulous initial platform and twisted into what struggling writers need to know. My next classes will be a fairy tale format of Jane Schaffer for the little ones and coming soon a Socratic seminar of a higher level using The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I find the complaining about the reading process often comes with a great book and a guide willing to push the reader to greatness.

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A menopausal teacher. Enough said. Welcome to my world!

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