Who is Mrs. L?

I am a teacher who follows my students to greater educational moments and my own continued learning. I have sampled many of the varieties of teaching venues. Private Montessori, public, homeschooling, and back to public with a few awkward dances in the political sector. This blog began as The Relatively Sane Adventures of a Teacher and has morphed into Following The Child, and finally has a permanent home as Tales of an 8th Grade Teacher. This is a home for all things that challenge my creativity and bring parents, teachers, and students the curriculum and content that can be used to follow dreams and enrich their talents. All work on this page is simplicity in motion as education is not complicated, we make it that way. The need for simplicity in education is the biggest lesson I have learned as I have followed and listened to every student in over 20 years and nothing that worked in a variety of grade levels was ever fancy. Just good teaching using simple methods to get across the concept of the moment.

Let’s build something together!

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